The Air up There

The Air up There
The Air up There

A rather fine fellow I met one day,
While floating up in the air.
A lofty perspective he had on the world,
So we chatted without a care.

Somewhat lonely it was, with his head in the clouds,
He told me without disdain.
And of course his plight, the heedless flight,
Of occasional low-flying planes.

Never you mind, I’ll drop in for a chat,
I told him, filled with glee.
Fine games we’ll play, till the end of the day,
And have toast and fine English tea.

And thus till today do we meet by the trees
To discuss the world at large.
We sometimes play Scrabble
Or Checkers or Chess,
And always drink fine English tea.

Original artwork, created on Fabriano 300gsm HP Watercolour paper, using inks, hand-printing, watercolour and mixed media.