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I was humbled and grateful to be selected by The Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer to create a series of works in 2022 for their 2023 tour. These are the artworks I created, which were magic’d into posters and merch by Andrew Nelson (Hudson Valley) .

NOTE: These are just the paintings I created which were used to make the final posters and merchandise which are available in their stores.


Selected original works from the collection are available for sale. Contact me directly to enquire.

(Note: As these are unique pieces and not editioned, their pricing is slightly higher than my standard rate.)

10 Limited-edition Fine Art Giclee prints of each work are also available in my store (NB: these are of the artwork ONLY, not of the stunning poster designs and merchandise, created by the very talented Andrew Nelson ,that the band will be selling, which are available here).

As opposed to poster or wall-art prints, these luxury fine art prints are created on top-grade Hahnemuhle German Etching acid- and lignin-free 300gsm cotton paper and are top-tier archival artwork reproductions. They will be in my Etsy store, and personally signed editions can be made available by arrangement.

With 2 exceptions, these works are 38cm x 56cm | 15 x 22″ (unframed)

Medium: Ink, charcoal, fineliner, and mixed media with underprint on Fabriano Artistico 640gsm Hot Pressed paper


It was a dark time when I messaged Amanda Palmer and sent her a couple of pictures I had made, which she’d inspired.  Her writing… her art, her grace under fire, her vulnerability, her wisdom, were, and have long been, a source of strength and courage to me.

Little did I imagine she’d have the energy to respond the way she did, given how much she was dealing with.

Even less did I expect what came from it…a suggestion and then a collaboration which led to the creation of a collection of work for The Dresden Dolls inspired by the band, Amanda, and her magical mind.  I have called this collection of artworks IN UNISON.

I learned so much from our conversations, and these images contain elements deeply personal to both of us, I think. The ruins you can see in some of the images are churches bombed in Berlin and Dresden during World War 2, which she showed me. She told me of the Trümmerfrauen…the women who wandered through the wreckage of post-WW2 Germany collecting what they could and rebuilding with their bare hands. It became a powerful metaphor for me as I tried in the dying days of 2022 to start rebuilding my own life from the wreckage of life and soul left by the Covid years.

We worked with themes of reunion, renewal, love, destruction, passion, survival, victory, celebration, community…..

I am deeply grateful to Amanda, Brian, Michael, Jordan and Alex for this life-changing experience.


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