Composite Artworks


This work is created using hand-printing, hand-drawing and mixed media (including inks, watercolour, fineliner, Copic pens, coloured pencils and metallic leaf). Images are drawn, found in public domain collections or purchased, composed into digital collages and then hand-printed onto archival paper and worked into with a variety of media. There are 2 standard sizes, (size information available on request), but smaller or larger sizes are available for commissioned work.

Niki produces between 1 and 7 limited-edition, numbered, hand-crafted originals of each available artwork. Each edition will look marginally different from the original one due to the nature of the technique and materials used. (Wingmill II, editions 1 and 2, below illustrate this). The final works are created either on Arches or Fabriano 300gsm HP watercolour paper.

Wingmill II editions 1 and 2

Some of the early work shown on this site are artist proofs (APs)*, made on thinner paper than the final works. Once a client has selected a work, Niki keeps them included in the process of the creation of their final edition.

Artist proofs are created on Hedonia Ultra-Smooth 280gsm paper.

Blown Away
Blown Away

Hand-drawn Artworks


Niki also creates hand-drawn artworks and most of the work on this site can be commissioned as hand-drawn work.

These works are produced in inks, pen and pencil, using leaf and embossing techniques depending on the clients’ preferences. These works are produced on Arches or Fabriano 300g gsm watercolour paper.

She creates hand-drawn portraits and either works from high-quality photographs provided by the client or will arrange photoshoots to obtain images at no additional cost to the client. Clients are welcome to choose surreal, fairytale and fantasy themes for their portraits should they wish.

Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody



Giclée Prints (limited-edition, signed)

Most of the works on this website are available as limited-edition, signed Giclée prints. Each work is limited to 10 signed prints.

Signed prints of Niki’s work are accompanied by a handwritten note from the artist. They are printed on Hahnemuhle, which is a hot press (HP) finely textured, natural white fine art, museum-quality paper.

They can be ordered from Niki directly. If you would like to purchase a print of a specific work, contact us and we will be in touch to make arrangements.


Giclée Prints (open)

Prints of selected works can be ordered from Niki directly and are also available for online purchase for between $35 and $120 on Etsy: 

Work is made available on request at the discretion of the artist. If you would like to purchase a print of a specific work, contact us or fill in this form and we will notify you as soon as the print is available for purchase.

* FAQ: What is the difference between a final edition and an Artist Proof?

Final editions are created using the finest archival materials. They are generally much richer in colour and smoother-looking than the early artist proofs you see on this site. Included below are pairs of AP and final edition of The Great Escape and Bellboy for comparison.


Artist Proof (left), Final edition (right)


Artist Proof (left), Final edition (right)



All the work on this website is for sale unless otherwise indicated. With a couple of exceptions, the work on this website is all priced between $50 and $650 (unframed). Payment is via EFT or PayPal. You can also purchase open prints from Niki’s Etsy store. Find out more here.