Paper style

Niki’ uses 100%cotton Hot Pressed archival paper, and her work has subtly deckled edges (definition) which add to the vintage feel that dominates her style (see picture edge below). These are best displayed by float-framing.

Deckled edges




You may request straight-cut edges, should you prefer.

Framing standard

Niki’s work has been framed in many ways according to the purchaser’s preference. This is not intended to be prescriptive, but it is the way she frames all her own work.  It is displayed at its best when float-framed using natural wood, which accentuates the deckled edges of the work.

Frame: Kiaat (or similar natural wood): 0.5 – I cm wide x 2 – 3.5 cm deep. White frames are sometimes also used for the ‘blue’ works.

Mount board: White with a 5mm raised section, which lifts the image off the back that extends to within 1cm of the edge of the picture.

Border spacing: For larger works, a 4 -5cm space between the picture and frame and for smaller works either a 2.5cm – 3cm gap.


Some examples below: