Down by the sea, late one night,
I chanced to behold a magical sight.
The moon called out, and nature replied.
Fish flew from the sea, up into the sky.

In stillness I watched,
The glittering shoal.
They laughed and sang,
Light filled up my soul.

Maybe one night you’ll see them dance…
Slip to the shore, taking your chance.
Let the moon lead you down
to the silver-stained strand.

Where old worries can drown
in salt, silt and sand.

Open your mind and head out to sea,
Listen for to their song, floating and free.

I know from tales, whispered of old,
That when fish find their wings,
Magic will unfold.


Original artwork, created on Fabriano 300gsm HP Watercolour paper, using inks, hand-printing, watercolour and mixed media.