The Dandy Lion

Lost on the moors, I was one day
When a magical sight I did behold
In glorious gold and earthen brown,
Lay basking, sun-kissed, a Dandy-Lion.

“Sit, child”, he said, and so I did.
Unafraid of his might, “Please, Sir?,” I bid.
Of his land he spoke, as the wind picked up.
Of long-gone things, and love, and loss.
Of lost and found and learned and lived.

His mane blew wild and drifted aloft.
“Be the keeper of memory,” he said, as he faded.

And that I am, till the day I’m gone.
And these are the tales, I’ll tell till dawn…

Original artwork, created on Arches 300gsm HP Watercolour paper, using inks, hand-printing, watercolour and mixed media.

14 handmade original editions available