Perceptual Fragility


28 x 38 cm (11 x 15 inches)

(Larger sizes available on request).


Inks and mixed media with underprint on Fabriano Artistico 640gsm HP Watercolour paper.

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 Sometimes…reality is as brittle and delicate as the mirror-glass in which we occasionally, earnestly seek our true countenances. And the boarding pass to our private realities is merely a construct. Perception.

Perception is a funny thing. It is everything and nothing all at once. It is more mutable and malleable than I think most people realise.

I know that it’s only through intense self-examination, living in consultation, and hard work, that it has not yet got the best of me. I think shared realities are less fragile than private ones. Connection to others is the duct tape holding together the fragile things, the broken bits made uncertain by hurt. Having a mental illness, if nothing else, is a great teacher of unwanted lessons, which may be its only redeeming feature.

PS – a friend asked if this picture was about body dysmorphia, which it very definitely could be. I encourage people to take their own meaning from my work as and if they find it.