Karoo Winds

Karoo Winds
Karoo Winds

They soar above as I drift through their domain.
Forgotten by men, but never truly gone.
The warm winds call them home.
To the land where they belong.


Original artwork, created on Arches 300gsm HP Watercolour paper, using inks, hand-printing, watercolour and mixed media.

1/1: SOLD


This one-edition artwork sold at the Coming Home exhibition in the Imibala Gallery in Graaf Reinet, which was held to highlight the plight of the endangered Cape Vulture.

The gallery sent me the loveliest compliment when they mailed to tell me:

Niki, I need to let you know that I could have sold this painting about 10 times! It is quite amazing how this particular work appealed to such a cross section of people.

I decided to create a companion piece to this work, which then turned into a series that I am calling Where the Wind Blows. I was so fond of this piece and of this little character that I have decided to explore her airborne adventures some more. I envision this as perhaps turning into a children’s book with a focus on endangered animals and conservation.