Work is generally made in 3 standard sizes. Unframed, they are:

  • “A3” variant: 27.5 cm x 38cm (10 x 15 inches)
  • “A2” variant: 38cm x 56cm (15 x 22 inches)
  • “A1” variant: 74cm x 112cm (30 x 44 inches)

Some works naturally deviate from these sizes and shapes. Buyers may request work in their size of preference.


Niki creates limited-edition originals of many of her works. Each edition is a handmade artwork and as such, while they look alike, no two are exactly the same (Perfect Ruin, editions 1 and 2, below illustrate this).

Perfect Ruin editions 1 and 2

Between 3 and 5 original editions of most works are made available (edition numbers are higher for some earlier works).

Some works, notably hand-drawn work, commissions and work entered into competitions, are limited to one edition.


Materials and process

The earlier the work shown on this site are artist proofs (APs), made on thinner paper than the final works. Once a client has selected a work, Niki keeps them included in the process of the creation of their edition.

Artist proofs are created on Hedonia Ultra-Smooth 280gsm paper.

Final editions are created on either:

  • Fabriano 300gsm Watercolour paper or
  • Arches 100% cotton 300gsm HP watercolour paper.

Framing standard

Niki’s work has been framed in many ways according to the purchaser’s preference. This is not intended to be prescriptive, but it is the way she frames all her own work.  It is displayed at its best when float-framed using natural wood.

Frame: Kiaat (or similar natural wood): 0.5 – I cm wide x 2 – 3.5 cm deep. White frames are sometimes also used for the ‘blue’ works.

Mount board: White with a 5mm raised section, which lifts the image off the back that extends to within 1cm of the edge of the picture.

Border spacing: For larger works, a 4 -5cm space between the picture and frame and for smaller works either a 2.5cm – 3cm gap.


Some examples below:

What is the difference between a final edition and an Artist Proof?

Final editions are created using the finest archival materials. They are generally much richer in colour and smoother-looking than the early artist proofs you see on this site. Included below are pairs of AP and final edition of The Great Escape and Bellboy for comparison.


Artist Proof (left), Final edition (right)


Artist Proof (left), Final edition (right)